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MSU High Performance Computer Center

MSU Hockey Locker Room Cold Tub

Towers Dining Renovation - Central Michigan University

MSU Engineering Building Chiller

Real Food on Campus (RFoC) - Central Michigan University

CMU Varsity Baseball Stadium

MSU Indoor Golf Practice Facility

Data Centers- with the advent of departmental data centers and server rooms, CTR has found a niche in applying process cooling and power quality designs throughout a campus. Familiar with the evolution from a PC in a closet to a rack-based system of high capacity servers, we can address specific needs and produce an appropriate design.

Office Renovations - the changing needs of academic and administrative departments result in large and small renovations in existing buildings. Power and HVAC modifications are usually needed to support these relocations. CTR can evaluate existing building systems and issue construction documents for physical plant or outside contractor construction.

Equipment Replacments - Older campuses with central building equipment need updating and/or replacement as useful life runs out. CTR can evaluate equipment and systems for suitability and reliability in current uses. Often, energy efficiency will drive equipment replacement, and CTR can assist with alternatives analysis.

representative projects
  • Michigan State University
    • Geography Research Building Renovation
    • High Capacity Computing Center HVAC and Power Upgrades
    • Computing Center HVAC and Power Upgrades
    • Vet Research Clinic Server Room
    • Radiology Building Server Room
    • Clinical Center Server Room
    • Renovations in over 15 different buildings on campus
  • Lansing Community College
    • New Woodshop
    • Arts & Science Building Chiller Replacement
    • West Campus Atrium Power Modifications
  • Alma College
    • Tyler-Van Dusen Campus Center Chiller Replacement
“With over 500 buildings on campus, our in-house staff relies on our consultants to be self-directing on project assignments. CTR is able to independently move projects forward from design through construction without requiring detailed directions, while keeping our staff informed. CTR always interacts in a professional manner with faculty and administrative staff, as well as with Physical Plant staff.”
Diane Schimizzi, PE,
Michigan State University