East Lansing Middle School - Modular Heating Boilers

Modular boilers

Special Education Transition Center - Flint, MI

Kinawa Middle School - Okemos, MI

East Lansing High School - Main Switchgear

Classrooms - HVAC and lighting design that are both energy efficient and quiet.

Assembly Spaces - Lighting control systems and HVAC that address the flexibility necessary in auditoriums and cafeterias.

Gyms and Pools - Ventilation and humidity control designs that meet the needs of these special spaces.

Support Spaces - MEP for kitchen coordination, mechanical rooms, janitor spaces, loading docks, etc. are matched to the resources of the building.

representative projects
  • East Lansing Middle and High School — 324,000 sf new and renovation
  • Genesee Intermediate School District, renovations in six buildings — Flint, MI
  • Westwood Heights Schools boiler replacement — Flint, MI
  • Okemos Public Schools, renovations in five buildings — Okemos, MI
  • Milan High School — Milan, MI
It's apparent from the work CTR has done for our district that they understand not only the design process, but the implementation of MEP projects. From RFP support to construction administration, CTR has provided leadership on our building projects. They're a resource I repeatedly use and trust.
Steve Lathrop,
Okemos Public Schools Operations Director