Health Care

Ingham Regional Medical Center - Power Plant

Lobby renovations, departmental moves, equipment replacements, new technology installations, data centers...these all fill the plates of most health care facility engineering departments. The workload ranges from the technical to the political. Health care facilities continually compete for patients and medical personnel, and the condition of your building and the quality of your systems play a role.

CTR can help! Whether it involves HVAC, plumbing, lighting, power, or special systems, CTR can provide the technical expertise and construction documents needed for successful project implementation.

And you'll enjoy working with us!

representative projects
  • Crittenton Hospital — Rochester, MI — Replace chiller, boilers, pumps in power house, Clean storage room HVAC, Domestic water study
  • Hurley Hospital— Flint, MI— Renovation for new CT and angiography room
  • Garden City Hospital — Renovation for new CT suite
  • Owosso Medical Center — New medical office building
  • Michigan State University Clinical Center — CT suite air conditioning
  • Partners in Family Health Care — Perry, MI — New medical office building