Office Buildings

Social Security Administration - Clawson, MI LEED Silver

Clark Construction Company - Lansing, MI

Michigan State Police - Bay City Post

Lansing Board of Water and Light - Lansing, MI

MITA Building - Okemos, MI

Emergent BioSolutions Administration Building - Lansing, MI

Emergent BioSolutions Administration Building - Mechanical Room

MESSA Headquarters - East Lansing, MI

HVAC - variable volume systems, split systems, outdoor air control, economizers, data center cooling

Plumbing - domestic water booster systems, natural gas, fire protection

Lighting - general and task lighting, lighting controls, parking lot lighting, emergency lighting/exit signs

Power - powered furniture coordination, general receptacles, circuitry for technology, utility coordination, data centers

Systems - fire alarm, security, access control, data.

representative projects
  • MESSA Headquarters Building — East Lansing, MI
  • MITA Headquarters Building — Okemos, MI
  • MERS Headquarters Building Addition — Lansing, MI
  • Owosso Medical Office Building — Owosso, MI
  • Pinnacle Office Building — Novi, MI
  • Auto Owners Moulton Building — Lansing MI
  • Auto Owners Branch Offices — Marion, IN; Clarkson, MI
Senior staff at CTR regularly assert themselves during our programming and conceptual design process, insuring MEP space requirements are addressed early. We appreciate their willingness to participate and contribute.
Todd Gute, AIA,
MayotteGroup Architects